Industry Leading Finance Options

Rob Sinclair Equipment Finance is proud to offer a large number of finance options to its clients. We understand that not every client is the same and, as such, we treat each and every client individually, with a tailored solution that fits their circumstances.

Asset Purchase

Also known as “Commercial Hire Purchase”. By agreement with the Lender the Client has possession and full use of the equipment. Ownership of the equipment automatically passes to the Client when final repayment is made. Repayments can be structured to suit individual Client requirements. Taxation deductions available, subject to Client qualification with the ATO.

Commercial Loans

Also known as a “Chattel Mortgage”. Client has ownership of the equipment. Lender takes the equipment as security. Repayments can be structured to suit individual Client requirements. Taxation deductions available, subject to Client qualification with the ATO.

Finance Lease

Also known as “Lease”. Lender has ownership of the equipment and Leases to Client. Repayments can be structured to suit individual Client requirements. A Residual Value is set within ATO guidelines. Client can make an “offer to purchase” the equipment, at the Residual Value amount, at the end of the Lease term. All Lease repayments are fully tax deductible, subject to Client qualification with the ATO.

Insurance Premium Funding

Also known as “Pay by the Month” Insurance. Allows Client to spread annual premium payments over a period of up to 12 months, in equal monthly instalments. Lenders normally fund this product on an unsecured basis. Documentation is simple and settlement to the Insurer or Broker is swift.

The online application process is quick and easy, and should only take about 10 minutes to complete.

This depends on how much you are looking to borrow and your particular circumstances. Our normal approval timing is two clear working days.

Documentation and settlement can occur within a few hours of receiving an approval (subject to swift receipt of supplier invoices)

No! Dealing with the lender is our job.

We are accredited with all major lenders, in addition to, a number of smaller lenders

Once you have provided the information required we will asses which lender would prove the best ‘fit’ for your circumstances and requirements.

When we have matched you with a lender we then handle the full application process on your behalf using the information you have provided.

We need to understand your business. For this reason, we contact all of our clients personally. Once we have an understanding of your business and the type of finance you would like to secure, we can then discuss the requirements for your specific situation.

For most applications we require:

    • Drivers Licence number and Medicare card details.
    • Corporate business structure (Sole trader, Company or Trust)
    • A summary of years established, work on hand, major contracts held and current financial commitments.
    • Financial accounts and information. We are able to contact your accountant direct to arrange all the details we require on your behalf. All you need to do is authorise your accountant to forward the information direct to the team at RSEF.

Once you have been approved we take care of the invoice from your supplier and prepare the finance documents.

Finance documents requiring your signature can be e-mailed direct, or alternatively we can come to your place of business or visit our office in Adelaide.

Once the finance documents have been signed and returned to our office we complete the settlement process with the chosen lender. Finally, we notify your supplier they have been paid and you can collect your equipment.

The RSEF application process is designed to minimise the amount of time you need to dedicate to the loan process. We handle all of the work following up accountants, lenders and suppliers so you don’t have to.

Rob Sinclair Equipment Finance is accredited with all major finance partners around Australia.

Let our team do the hard work and negotiate you a great deal.